City of Newcastle Oklahoma



Customers must submit a Water Application for trash service.

Map of Normal Weekly Trash Pick Up - click here

The 2020 Bulk Trash Pickup Schedule is as follows:
Week of
February 10-14
May 11-15
August 10-14
November 9-13

One Poly Cart** $13.75 (fee includes $.25 bulk waste collection)
Additional Poly Cart ** $13.50
Trash Collection- Curbside by 6 A.M. Christmas Day, no trash service on this day, it will be the following day

Poly carts from Republic Waste Mangement Services should be in use
for collection services, no personal containers.
You may include a total of up to three trash bags and/or compressed boxes (no more than 40lbs).

Newcastle customers can dump once a month up to 1000 pounds per month for free. They will require an orginal copy of your current watter bill. The scale operators are required to take a copy of the bill and driver’s license for their records.

As of July 9, 2018 Republic Services will start enforcing a tarp fee. All vehicles entering into the landfill must be tarped or it will be a $10.00 fee.

Location: I-240 and South Bryant. (7001 S Bryant Ave - click for map) 405-672-7379



Bulk Waste Restrictions:
-maximum of 4 yards of trash will be collected
- Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners are accepted
- Freon has to be properly drained by a qualified technician, certification issued and placed on the unit
- Brush must be cut into 4 foot lengths, tied and bundled
- No pieces of concrete or rocks
- Smaller items should be placed in containers
- No large construction or demolition materials
- No hazardous waste
- No batteries, paints, tires, oils or liquid substances
No dead animal carcasses

Please contact Republic Waste Management Services 405-745-4141


The City of Newcastle has two recycling centers available:

  • Locations:
    • Fire Station 1 - 801 N. Carr (Main Street)
    • Fire Station 2 - 4305 SW 44th Street (Highway 9)
    • Newcastle Water Department - 717 N. Walker, Newcastle, OK 73065
  • Items allowed:
    • Plastics: Milk jugs, pop bottles, etc.
    • Mixed Papers: Newspaper, cardboard, phone books
    • Aluminum: Soup cans, pop cans


      Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

While recycling is part of the solution for preserving landfill space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, there are other ways to decrease the amount of waste generated at home, work and special events. Reusing reusable items and reducing the use of disposable items are actions we can all take before even considering recycling.

No recycling program is truly successful unless recyclables collected are transformed into marketable products and then purchased by you. To create a demand for recycled product, make sure to purchase paper (computer, stationery, legal, white, envelopes and newspaper) that contains recycled materials. When shopping, buy those items that say, "Made from recycled materials" and have the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled content (any material that the public has already used or recycled). Look for these recycled-content items for your home or business:

  • Clothing and shoes
  • Children's toys and playground equipment
  • Garden tools
  • Carpet and carpet pads
  • Plastic lumber for planters, decks and benches
  • Motor oil
  • Floors and countertops
  • Rain gutters
  • Packaging materials
  • Paper products like tissue and towels
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Writing or computer paper and envelopes

Here are some reusable alternatives to try:

  • Use washable cloths instead of throwaway wipes
  • Buy products made of recycled materials
  • Buy rechargeable batteries
  • Buy cloth napkins that you can wash instead of paper you throw away
  • Buy washable plates and cups for picnics instead of disposables
  • Buy razors with replaceable blades
  • Seek out reusable or refillable containers that hold shampoo, soap, etc.
  • Use plastic or glass containers with lids instead of aluminum foil, plastic bags or plastic wrap

When asked the question "Paper or plastic?" Why not bring your own reusable cloth shopping bags instead. Using a reusable cloth bag when going shopping at any store will help divert tons of unnecessary paper and plastic bags produced and disposed of everyday in landfills. Cloth bags also hold a lot more, so there are fewer trips back and forth from the car. and the cloth carrying handles are more comfortable on your hands than paper or plastic handles.

Your choices and efforts

can make a significant difference in the success of

Newcastle and our nation's recycling programs.

Please recycle !!!


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