City of Newcastle Oklahoma

City of Newcastle Contact Information

City Hall is located at 120 NE 2nd Street. (map here)

We are open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

For questions about City Services:

Department Contact Phone Number
City Manager Kevin Self (405)387-4427, ext 202
City Clerk Camille Dowers (405)387-4427, ext 206
City Treasurer Jeanie Skeen (405)387-4427, ext 211
Building Inspector Tim Edwards (405)387-4427
Building Inspector Jack Stallings (405)387-4427
Code Enforcement Eric Barnett (405)387-4427, ext 217
Court Clerk Sarah Bristol (405)387-4427, option 2
Fire Department Todd Yates, Chief (405)387-5823
Human Resources Doris Raab (405)387-4427, ext 207
Planning Department Todd Kennemer (405)387-4427, ext 204
Economic Development Jeannette McNally (405)387-4427
Police Department Gary Norman, Chief (405)387-5525
Street Department John Canary (405)387-5662
Utility Clerk Vetia Culp (405)387-4434
Water Department Bill Canary (405)387-4434
Information Technology Scott Hannan (405)387-4427, ext 208